Anti-nukes Protest in Tokyo and Osaka 15th June 6PM-8PM

Anti-nukes Protest in Tokyo and Osaka 15th June 6PM-8PM

From 6PM tonight in Japan, there will be the huge anti-nukes protest demonstrations both in front of the Prime Minister Noda's official residence in Tokyo and the head quarter office of Kansai Electric Co.(KEPCO) in Osaka to stop re-starting the nuclear power plants in Japan.
The same style protest demonstrations have been continued from this March on every Friday night both in Tokyo and Osaka, and the number of the participants has rose up. Last Friday night, totally 4,500 people gathered and repeated "No Nuke!!" (In Japanese, it is pronounced as "Genpatsu Iranai!").

The quite interesting thing is that the organizers are not the existing traditional political groups. Independent ordinary citizens gather and shout on one issue, "NO NUKE". Of course the people of political groups also join but they don't bring the flags or placards of the group signs. Only "No Nuke" related flags and placards.
People come and join just because everybody recognize it's time to move out and get united without any political views/opinions boarder.

Now the new wave of Japanese democracy is occurring. Don't miss the chance to experience the revolution starts!

Although there must be so many views and opinions on the matter of nukes in the world, however, the current situation in Japan after March 11, 2011 seems totally crazy. Even after the accident in Fukushima, those who proceeded the nukes in Japan cannot stop their style/thought on nukes and give up the interests/benefits. Which is important for us, land/life or money? The answer is clear, isn't it?

Please come and join if you have time tonight!